Viva Video for PC/Laptop | Download App on Windows (7, 8.1, 10) [100% Working]

Here we would be talking about the Viva Video for PC/Laptop/computer for free.With your smartphone being one of the best which you would want to perform all the best features, there are many features and other apps which you can download for it and enjoy it.In this article we are going to list the step in installing vivo video for pc/laptop for free.Although , Vivo video for pc is not officially announced for the pc or computer but with few tweaks you can have them of your computer and ready to download right just on your computer with the help of vivo video for laptop/pc/windows in no time.

Now, there are many moments in life which you are really fond of and all you would want to do is record them in your devices, and for that, you have the video cameras in your devices, which apparently are quite better.

However, some people would also want to edit tall those videos and add some of the best effects and other things which would make their videos even more beautiful and which they can show to others.

Editing videos may always require you a PC so that you can add all your favorite effects all at once, but if you are truly looking for the best solution to capture and edit videos right from your phones, then all you have to do is download Viva Video for PC.Don’t miss out on Movie download sites without signing up.


The trending plan of selfies has received a special attention from VivaVideo, because it is roofed by seven modes of lenses only for taking selfies.

The app can tempt you to every form which may amend your DPs on social networking account, particularly Instagram. You’ll be able to utilize from over two hundred of its obtainable computer graphics and add a special dimension to your photographic expertise.

Viva Video for PC/Laptop

If you’re anybody who loves mixing and crafting with pictures and has no expertise with a classy tool like Photoshop, then VivaVideo will sway be your final weapon. But it’s not that each one the magic powers of VivaVideo is proscribed to still pictures solely, rather its experience expands to customizing videos.

The list of its advanced options includes a storyboard piece of writing mode, for trimming and merging video clips. Another set of 9 lens modes has been provided simply to form your pranks look even funnier.

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You can place in heaps of your imagination to make sensational trolls, vines, or move a step ahead and make a series of one-second show on existence.

If you are truly looking for the best editing software, then there is no better option than the Viva video and if you want it for your PCs too, then we are giving you a small tutorial on how to download viva video for pc.

Viva Video for PC Computer Laptop For Free 

However, before we begin, let us get you introduced to a few features of the Viva Video for PC:

  • Viva Video is the best video editor which allows you to edit all your favorite videos without any issues.
  • This is a free software and is available to download for free via the Google Play Store.
  • If you want to edit videos easily, then this app is going to be the best choice for you as it allows you to edit them in any sequence.
  • If you want to add some filters or other stickers or emojis to your videos, then you better try the Viva Video for PC.
  • There are numerous ways to edit your favorite videos and download this app.
  • It comes in two versions, the free one and the paid one. The free version of this app may contain a bit less features but is equally better and the paid version allows you to customize your videos fully which even includes removing the watermark from your videos and using a totally ad-free app.
  • This app is totally free to download from Google Play Store.

How to download Viva Video apk:

You may be wondering how to install Viva Video apk on your android devices. For this purpose, you will need to follow these steps carefully:

  1. First of all, download the Viva Video application or APK.
  2. Now, just keep the download location in your memory from where you have saved this apk in your device.
  3. After this, go to your device’s settings and in the security and permissions options, find the option of “Unknown Sources”.
  4. Enable the option of Unknown Sources.
  5. Now, go to the location where you have downloaded the Viva Video apk from step 2.
  6. Find this app and click on it to install the Viva Video apk on your android devices.
  7. Install this app on your android phones and right after it gets installed, open it right away.
  8. Congrats. You have successfully installed Viva Video apk on your android devices.

How to download Viva Video for PC:

Now for this purpose, you will need an Android emulator. BlueStacks is one of the many best android emulators.

  1. Download BlueStacks for your PC from here.
  2. Now after you download BlueStacks, install it and right away, download Viva Video APK.
  3. Keep the Viva Video apk in your PC at any location where you can find it later.
  4. Open BlueStacks and in the menu option, click on the option of “Install a file”
  5. There, you would be asked to add your apk file manually and you can do it right away by clicking on the Viva Video apk which you have downloaded previously and saved in your PC in step 3.
  6. Now, install the app right away.
  7. Done. You have successfully installed Viva Video for pc.

That’s it. You have successfully downloaded the Viva Video for PC and if you are concerned about anything else in this application or are experiencing any kind of issues, then don’t forget to drop in a comment and we will be sure to answer your queries.

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