TweakBox Android APK – Best App Installer for iOS, Android (2018 Updated)

Android and ios have been in a battle for a really long time now and it is a never-ending one just because both of them have certain pros and cons unique to them and always have something which makes them compete.

Still, when it comes to the freedom, iOS loses the game just because of the reason that Apple doesn’t let its users enjoy the freedom of installing apps or any other kind of games from any third-party sources rather than the App Store and unless you jailbreak your iOS device, there is no way you can actually install applications from third-party sites an enjoy using them.

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People in general barely want to jailbreak their device as it leads to warranty issues and abandons the device is always vulnerable to threats.

However, an app called Tweakbox is something which you can easily install on your iOS device without having to worry about jailbreak just because it manages work flawlessly.

even if your device isn’t jailbroken and it is a third party app that will help you to install all the paid games and applications for free of cost without just jailbreaking your iOS device and even though the app isn’t that popular, it has got a lot of features that make it superior than most of the other apps.

Download TweakBox APK: Tweakbox is a free app for Android and is a proper alternate for Cydia for Apple users but unfortunately, no access for the Android users to Cydia.

The apk version of the app allows Android users to have an access to whole lot of premium versions of games and apps which you might have wanted to get your hands on and that too for free.

Tweakbox for android is a free app and the APK files are based on JAR which are downloaded in a zipped file and the most ideal way to download such files is to email it to yourself through your email account that you have access on your phone as well.

Tweakbox for android is totally easy to download and install and above all, you don’t even have to root your devices for this process and downloading it.

All you have to do is to follow the instructions on screen to install it without going in in depth of installing this application.

This app also has an endless library of premium applications and games which are available for Android as well as iOS which you are allowed to download for free.

The Tweakbox android APK comes with the best interface which has a better bg and needs no coding knowledge to work properly.There is no alternative to tweakbox.

You can easily use the downloaded application as it works even without any access to internet as it works out really well on your phone.

You can easily download all the apps on your phone or PC and send it to other devices as per your choice.

Tweakbox APK allows you access for different kind of apps and offers different stuff for everybody.

Along with that, it is really easy to uninstall as well as install too as it has no traces which create problems later on in your devices.

You download everything on a secure SLL connection in this app and so, it is always safe and also, the data is safe.

However, some people might wonder the sort of apps and games which you can download from this app.

Actually, this app allows you to download almost all type of apps and games which you want to get your hands on, in the App Store, including the paid ones and you can also get the apps which you can’t find in the app store at all. Tweakbox has everything which you would be needing for free.

Supported Platforms For TweakBox

Tweakbox is such an app which is designed in such a way as it works with all the ios versions, like the iOS 7,8,9,10,11/11.3 and you can also download or install the app on iPhones and iPad also and all you need to do is to make sure the iOS version your device is running is higher than iOS 7. If you device is having an older version of ios, you might have to update it.

Features of Tweakbox Apk

features for tweakbox ios and android

Unlimited Free Apps: TweakBox delivers quality entertainment and allows you to download anything for free of cost to its users. This app doesn’t need any kind of Membership or subscription fees or any kind of charge while installation. It’s a free app and you won’t need to spend any money on the app and its contents.

Easy and Simple UI: Tweakbox has one of the UI with great navigation options and perfect menu that enable the users to search for their favorite apps or games quickly and along with, the options which you get in the app are always straightforward, which means that you won’t find it difficult to navigate through the app.

Paid and Free Apps: Tweakbox has a really huge collections of paid and free apps and games in it which you can easily download anywhere with just one tap and you are going to find a lot of free apps or games in every genre you search for.

Non Root Compatible: The main reason people love this app is that it is famous for is that you don’t need to have root access on your Android devices and no jailbreak options of ios devices to install this app and you can easily get the working of this app with a few clicks.

Multiple Categories: There are different categories of apps and games available in the app called Tweakbox, which are, Flash Apps, App Store, Tweaked Apps and each category has different apps and games to try out.

  1. Flash Apps: In this category of apps and games, you are going to find apps that are either removed or just don’t exist now in the App Store.
  2. App Store: In this category of apps and games, you are going to find the premium apps which you can install for free of cost from this category.
  3. Tweaked Apps: In this category of apps, you are going to find the tweaked or modified by third-party developers apps, like the Whatsapp Mod Apk, Snapchat Mod, Mod games etc.

Device Compatibility: Tweakbox is such an app which is available on a wide range of platforms and you can download and install this app on PC or Android as well for free of cost.

Low data consumption: Unlike most of the apps which you use, TweakBox is not a resource-oriented app, which means that it takes low amount of space on your devices and also low RAM and manages to deliver the best and superior experience which you are looking for.

More About Tweakbox

  • Latest Version – 2.3.0
  • File Size – 9.2 MB
  • It is always compatible with Android 4.4 and above versions of Android.
  • It has 1M+ downloads so far.

Steps to Use the Tweakbox Android

  1. First,of app, open the Tweakbox Android
  2. Now, navigate to your Favorite Category
  3. Download the Apps which you want
  4. Everything is secure with SSL in this app.

Installation of Tweakbox

The installation process of this app called as TweakBox is the simplest and too easy as compared to other apps and works even better. You can easily install the app on your Android device and all you need to do is to follow the steps given below:

  1. First of all, enable “Installations From Unknown Sources” on your Android phone and for that, go to Settings Developer Options Installation From Unknown Sources On.
  2. Now, Download TweakBox APK latest version.
  3. Start the downloading process in the Apk format on your Android device.
  4. As the downloading process is completed, just open up your Downloads Folder and then install the apk file by tapping over it.
  5. You will be asked to give proper permissions during the installation, which you need to allow.
  6. Within a few seconds, till the installation process is completed and then you can start using this app on your Android devices.
  7. Now, make sure you have internet on your Android device.
  8. Done.

how to use the app

Download TweakBox For Windows

If you want to download tweakbox for windows, you can do that too. Even though there is no proper app for this, you can still do it the other ways.

  1. In this case, you have to download an Android emulator, which we recommend and for this, Bluestacks is an ideal option to get the Android experience on your PC or laptops and once the setup is done, you can use this app with ease.
  2. Download TweakBox for PC using APK file
  3. Now, download the Android emulator zip file on your PC and go to the official site of Bluestacks for downloading it.
  4. Now use Winrar to extract the files of emulator and extract it.
  5. Now, put the the extracted files on your Desktop and then open the extracted files and right click on Bluestacks.exe file to install it.
  6. Once you’ve accepted the conditions of the app, the emulator will install and complete.
  7. Launch the Emulator on your PC, and then sign in with your Google Account.
  8. Now, you need to follow all the steps which we mentioned in the steps mentioned in the TweakBox For Android section.

Download Tweakbox For iOS

Now if you want to install Tweakbox on your ios devices, you need to just include one extra step, which we have mentioned all the necessary steps below for you to install tweakbox on ios.

  1. First of all, download Tweakbox for iOS which you can find by the provided download link.
  2. Now, go to the place where you have the downloaded file and then tap on the app file to start the installation of the app in your ios devices.
  3. The installation of this app starts with the dialogue box popping up and then, just tap ‘install’.
  4. Now you have to go to settings Applications Trusted Apps Select Tweakbox App Trust this App.
  5. Now, you can easily start using this app on your iOS devices to enjoy Tweakbox.


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