Most Popular Torrent Sites of 2017

If you already have a lot of info about all the internet and most of the sites, then for sure you would know about the best torrent sites. The thing which most of the users actually crave for now are the torrent sites.

For a long amount of time, the top torrent sites have been in action and they continue to do so. You actually may have just started gathering info from the internet but if you just don’t use torrent sites, well you better get used to them.

Most of the times, the torrent sites that you visit are either blocked, or you just don’t know and can’t figure out how to use them. But with the proper guidance over the best torrent sites, you can actually get better results and download any content for your device, truly.

Most of the users however don’t know which sites to visit and at the end of the day, end up in ruining their PCs and mobile devices. Well, the proxy sites need caution and proper handling is important in these can also check out here the best movie download sites.

So, if you are just falling for it, let us introduce some of the best proxy sites for you so that you may also be able to download the best content online on your PCs and mobile devices.

Best torrent sites for movies download free

NOTE: In any case, we recommend you using a VPN for torrent purposes and the purposes of even visiting these torrent sites. Talking about the availability, if a torrent site doesn’t work for you here, try visiting it via a different TLD.

From my personal experience, I vote the as the best torrent website and credit it as the best proxy website as for a long amount of time, it has been providing with all the best content that we need. Right from movies to games, you can get everything here, which includes books, music, apps, software, pictures and what not and if you just want to download stuff, all you need to do is to get a torrent client and download stuff right away and that too for free.


This website has been active since 2000 and has also been credited as the best torrent website as everything you search for, here, will be made available to you for free. Here, you can download movies, books, games, pictures, music, apps and what not and the best part about this site is that you will not be asked to pay anything to download your favorite stuff from this torrent website. Rather, all you have to do is to just search for your desirable torrents and download them right away without facing any issues.

Well, this torrent website had its previous version until all the torrent sites started getting busted and it bid us a farewell which seemingly didn’t expect any comeback. But now, it has made a return with its second version and all you would love is that it is quite better than the previous version actually with more features and more reasons to bookmark on.

The thing that makes this torrent site truly awesome is that right on the starting of this website, the homepage, you will be provided with a search bar which is designated at a proper place. And for searching torrents, all you have to do is to put your query in the search box and you will be provided with your desired results in no time. However, we want you to know that the searches are keyword sensitive and open up only when you have entered the proper keyword. Incomplete keywords don’t meet up your results here. Other than that, you will really love this is site and everything that you want to download here is free and you won’t even need to pay a single penny here in order to download your favorite torrents.


Okay so if you are a beginner, then Lime Torrents is the option for you rather than trying out all those sites that I have mentioned above. The reason I chose Lime Torrents as a beginner is that it has a great layout which you will find quite easy and friendly to use. All you would want is to have a search bar to search for torrents and in this site, yes you can get them.

However, talking about the torrent availability here, that is just an ‘okay okay’ thing here as there isn’t much choice to choose from here. And if you still want to stick to just this site, then all we would want you to do is to just be happy in the limited amount of results for your searches. However, if you are an expert in torrent sites, then just go to ExtraTorrent or Pirate Bay for your torrent purposed. Moreover, everything that you want to download  and save here is free and you won’t even need to pay a single penny here in order to download your favorite torrents.

This torrent category falls under the name of YIFY streaming site and the reason people carve for this site is that if any of the movie gets released, you will be able to get that here. Right after a few days of release, you can get your favorite movies to watch from here and if you are a movie freak but can’t afford to go to cinemas on a regular basis, then this site is the most ideal option for you. Here, of course, you will get other torrents too but to be honest, this site is quite adamant of the movies and mostly focuses on the movies rather than other torrents.

However, everything that you want to watch here is free and you won’t even need to pay a single penny here in order to download your favorite torrents. Moreover, this site also provides movie streaming which most of the torrent sites can only dream of. So in any case, I recommend you to go for if you are a movie lover.

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