Top 5 Saddest Movies On Netflix To Watch In May 2017

Netflix is really one of the best places to watch sad movies online and from my personal experience, if you aren’t able to find one good movie, switch over to Netflix, create an account, spend some bucks and watch the best movies and shows from this website which you may never have seen previously. Netflix is one good place to find your favorite movies of all sorts and categories, yet if you are in need for some thriller or some saddest movies on netflix, then we have the sad movies to watch on Netflix list.

sad movies on netflix

It is no offence, watching all the sad movies on Netflix, because at any point of time in our lives, we do need those movies and for that, we really shouldn’t hesitate and above all, Netflix is one good place to watch such movies online.

Saddest Movies on Netflix in 2017

I previously remember watching Narcos and Spectral and many other movies from Netflix which even includes Orange Theory to the list. But the fact is that I truly loved them and Netflix has really been one of the best platforms to share such movies with us which we can watch. Now, if you are waiting for watching the saddest movies on Netflix, let me present you with such a list of movies which you will love to watch.Here you see how to download movies for free.

To Kill a Mockingbird

I am pretty sure that many of us remember the actual texts of this movie during the schooling time which we had in our books. This tale was quite sad and thought provoking one. Although there are parts of To Kill a mockingbird that feel dated these days, the book and also the film’s core principles still ring true and above all, the book has itself been a major success so far. Maybe the text has lost a number of its relevancy as additional black artists have gotten the prospect to form their own narratives over the years and maybe some of the part has been skipped, but it still remains and prevails as the best. Nonetheless, the film adaptation of instrumentalist Lee’s classic tale of Boo Radley, Scout, and To Kill a mockingbird still feels designed to tug at the compassionateness, of these years later. This movie has really been one of the saddest movies on Netflix and once you start seeing it, I am pretty sure you might end up in tears.

To Kill a Mockingbird sad movie on netflix watch now

Forrest Gump

Coming onto the second number here, Forrest Gump continues to be one of the most classy sad movies on Netflix. What a bunch of sentimental fluff Forrest Gump is, you will get to know the bragging as soon as you see this movie. The quotable lines which this movie has, the history, the Hanks of it all. Yes, the flick gets pretty dark in some moments too, however was there ever a movie thus showing emotion manipulative? Never! Ultimately, you’re either the sort of person who provides into Gump’s sentimentality wholesale, or you’re the sort who would just prefer to avoid it altogether. It totally is one emotional melodrama and if you’re within the former class, you have got to admit that there are just a few films that give such an efficient mixture of tragic, comic, joyful, sacred, and yes, unhappy moments as Forrest Gump.

Forrest Gump on netflix


I really am not sure that there would be any person of our gen who hasn’t watched and loved Titanic. If there truly is one good and most emotional movie to watch, it is Titanic. If you have not watched it yet, go and watch it, apart from the spoilers which you may have heard anyway. To go with a number of the classic weepies on this list, it’s solely applicable to incorporate the foremost celebrated trendy weepie, too. This movie celebrates an epic story of love, lust, emotions, feelings and true honor for each other and above all, some of the very best scenes all shot at a single place with one of the worst tragedies ever happened. Yes, it is based on a true event and most of the events in this movie are true.Perhaps the saddest movie on netflix all over as well.

watch Titanic on netflix now


This one is again romantic sad movie on available on netflix.Atonement is that the quite old-school tragedy that spans generations, separates lovers, and plunges whole countries into war. Or, to place it differently, it takes itself pretty seriously. Atonement a minimum of has some romance to urge sweptback up in which you would surely fall for. It conjointly features a prestigious forged thrill and cast, that includes abilities like James McAvoy, Keira Knightley, Benedict Cumberbatch, Juno Temple, Alfie Allen, Tobias Menzies, Saoirse Ronan, and Vanessa Redgrave. And like most of director Joe Wright’s movies, the photography is totally gorgeous, and therefore the score from musician Dario Marianelli won Associate in Nursing Academy Award. Is Atonement pretentious? Yes, it is and that too without doubt. This movie is an Ian McEwan adaptation and could be a sweeping piece of labor within the vein of Doctor Zhivago. However, its pretension is a component of its charm.


Short Term 12

Yes, you would find this movie to be the best on many of the websites and find it on number one in this category. It is the formidable debut feature from Destin Cretton. Short Term 12 is additionally notable for asserting the arrival of last year’s Best actor Oscar-winner, cheese Larson. As she will in space, the film she won an accolade for, Larson shines here as a counselor for troubled youngsters with a disruptive past herself. Additionally, like space, Short Term twelve is equally depressing and rising, a sort of highwire act that Cretton and Larson somehow build look simple and modest during this too-little-seen indie drama. 

Short Term 12 watch on netflix now

If you are worried about this movie to be depressing, trust me, it would be the one good cause to uplift you too and if you are just in need of some motivation, please, do watch this movie as the story base of this movie is far better than any movie that you would watch in your entire lives. The Short Term 12 is available to watch for free on Netflix and one the sad emotional movie on netflix.

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