OLA Referral Codes

If you want to install OLA app on your Android or ios devices, just wait up because we have something really cool for you.

Ola referral codes 2018 are going to be the best for you if you are planning to install OlA cabs on your smartphone and book cabs or other vehicles for your transport.

These Ola cabs referral code for all the new users is brilliant and allows you to book the cabs at really discounted rates, or even free at times.

You can use these coupons if you are a new user and have made a new account and if you are a new user, these codes would be able to provide you with Rs 200 OLA money. However, if you want to get this, just make sure you just use this referral code for ola cab.

One of the most popular Cab/taxi/auto booking service in India is the OLA Cabs.

Last time when we had such an offer on OLA was kind of different where you could get Rs. 200 on Sign up or even ear the same on Invite & Earn option, but this time around, it is kind of different and you get it by a few different methods.

One of the most convenient methods of payment in OLA app is the OLA money which is quite alike to any digital wallet but you can just use it for booking cabs in the app itself and you can pay the money for the cab via Ola money wallet on different sites online now with the update and also make bill payments as well as recharges.

OLA Cabs- Get Free Referral Codes

OLA cabs have been one of the best taxi booking service in India with really the best service as well as cheap service and quite along, you are going to get a lot of taxis around you.

The rates are really good and you get discounts on fares and other things quite easily if you are a regular customer of the app. Here in this post, we would be talking about few OLA cabs referral code for new user.

Ola cab are now offering a Rs 200 per referral offer for every body, a chance which you shouldn’t miss and using this ola mobile app referral code, you can get Rs 200 and you can use them for the app as well as other apps or sites online.

Just note that these codes are for new user for first time and get Rs 200 Ola Money. This OLA referral code is for new users only, but you need to keep in mind that you need to put this code at the time of your sign up in the app.

OLA App Referral Code

Here are some of the top referral codes for OLA app which you can get to get free OLA rides and free ola money.

OLA Referral Code : 67A0ZNU

How to Use OLA Referral Code

This referral code for the given OLA app would only work if you are a new user of the app and this means that you should actually have a new number to register with ola app and get this referral money. Let us tell you how to do it:

    • First of all, just download the ola app on your Android/ios and install it on your smartphone.
    • Now, you need to open the app and just tap on the ‘Sign up’ button.
    • Now you need to enter your email id, your mobile number, new password and now the main part, the OLA referral code : 67A0ZNU
    • Now you just have to tap the Sign Up in the app and you will get an OTP on your mobile number and this way, you need to verify it with OTP.
    • When you login with your number, just tap the option and it will show you Rs 200 OLA money in your wallet for free.
  • Now you can easily take a free ride from OLA cab upto Rs 200 without having to pay any money and you can also invite your friends for referrals and more RS 200 OLA money.

OLA referral codes for every city in India:

  • OLA referral code in Bangalore July2017 : 67A0ZNU
  • OLA referral code in Chennai July 2017 : 67A0ZNU
  • OLA referral code in Hyderabad July 2017 : 67A0ZNU
  • OLA referral code in Mumbai July 2017 : 67A0ZNU
  • OLA cabs in Pune referral code July 2017 : 67A0ZNU
  • OLA referral code in KOTA July 2017 : 67A0ZNU

For all other cities in India just like Indore, Goa, Hyderabad, Coimbatore, Nagpur, Madurai, Tiruchirappalli, Rajkot, Jalandhar, Nashik, Vadodara, Kolkata, Aurangabad, Udaipur, Mysore, etc. OLA referral code, you can just use the same referral codes which we have mentioned above and easily get 200 rs ola referral codes as you can use it anywhere on any mobile.

OLA Coupon Code For First Ride

If you are just planning to take your first ride in Ola cab, then you can easily use the best and working OLA coupon code  which we mentioned above for your first ride and you can easily get rs 100 off on your first OLA ride and the same happens when you make OLA referrals and easily make money for free and use it at the same time to get OLA money.

OLA New Working Coupon Codes 2018

    • OLA Airpot Discount Code (50% Off): 6YE7PRU
    • OLA Travel in Sedan and Pay OLA Mini Rates:- 6YE7PRU
    • OLA 100 OFF On Sedan Ride: 6YE7PRU
    • OLA Rs. 50 OFF every ride: 6YE7PRU
  • OLA AUTO – get Rs. 50 CASHBACK on every 3rd ola auto ride which you make, this week: 6YE7PRU

How to Book OLA Cab on Mobile

Now it is really obvious that you would also want to know how to actually book an ola cab. However If you are willing to book an OLA cab, let us tell you how to do it. First of all, you should have OLA cabs app in your smartphone, be it your Android device or ios and make sure you have an account in OLA. If you don’t have any account yet, just sign up from the method given above and create asn account for yourself. By this method, you would also get 200 rs ola referral money.

    • First of all, just open the OLA app and it will ask you to turn on your device’s GPS and you would get the location of your place in the app.
    • Now It will take your location where you are currently and just confirm it if it is correct.
    • Now you would have to choose the cab type which you want. You can choose among mini, sedan or even OLA Prime or at least OLA auto.
    • Now, you can also check the rate card in the app by taping the CAB option.
    • Now if you want to book the ride right at that time, you can tap on BOOK NOW and you can tap on RIDE NOW button, or if you want it for some other time, just tap the RIDE LATER button.
  • After you book it, the driver around you would confirm the cab for you and after that, it will show you how much time would the cab take to reach you.

How to apply ola coupon code:

Now as the cab driver has already booked and confirmed your address, let us tell you what to do.

So, applying a referral code is really easy as booking a cab on OLA app on your phone. There are a lot of options for you to enter a referral code in OLA and save yourself some money on the rides which you make.

Also, booking a cab on OLA app is really easy, so you can do it easily and the best thing is that you get a lot of OLA referral codes.

However, you need to know that OLA keeps on changing the amount of referral codes sometimes, and you can just sign up for only 2 times from one device. These coupons however would give you good amount from OLA.

If you want to get free Rs. 150 Ride, then you should be a new user and enter the Ola Referral code at time of Registration and for that, just follow below steps carefully:

Firstly, just visit the app’s page and select your mobile OS.

Now, just install it and open it.

Click on Sign up in the app which you find to create yourself a new account and then just create a new account and enter your personal details which the app asks.

Click on  the option of ‘Got referral code’ and there, just enter the referral code 6YE7PRU and by this way, you would get some money off your first ride.

Once You have easily completed your first Ride, now just apply the code 2ND100 and get  Rs. 100 off on your next ride.

That’s it. You got your next ride free for Rs. 150 and vis the ola Referral code.

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