Kproxy – Is it better than most of the Unblocking websites?

Having anonymity on the internet is one of the best things which you could ever ask for and is one of the most primary things which most of the regular users of internet wish for.

As such, there are thousands of websites on the internet which allow you such kind of functions i.e. providing anonymity and letting you unblock any kind of website. Apparently, KProxy is one such website which allows you to do the same but above all, is quite better than most of the average sites.


However, before we actually start praising Kproxy altogether, let us get you acquainted with the pros and cons of this site so that you get a better idea of what you are going to witness in the site as a whole.


  • The site has a premium version which is quite difficult to ban for the users.
  • You even get a 30-day money-back guarantee on your Premium Version Purchase.
  • The performance of this site is quite better overall.
  • If you buy the Pro version, you aren’t going to come across any kind of ads at all.
  • The pro users don’t have to pay month by month. It depends on the usage all the time.
  • There is also removal on the limits of KProxy extension.


  • The free version is limited all the time.
  • Has been known to store the user logs.
  • Not really the best service, but still, digestible with a few hiccups.

What is KProxy (in a nutshell):

Firstly, Kproxy is not a VPN service, let’s get that straight. But since it is free, you can use it for unblocking different websites. But is that all? Well, no. It is an anonymous proxy service and there is no kind of necessity to install it on your devices. You can surf it online as it is a proper website. Another advantage of using Kproxy is that the users don’t have to worry about any kind of cleaning of their machine’s registry to get rid of the traces of the app.

KProxy claims on its official website that it can easily protect users as well as their data while they are surfing the internet without any kind of costs.

Another claim which comes from this website is that it even claims that it has the ability to change the IP address of the user, which is known to protect more privacy of the user.

Probably that is all what Kproxy features. But to dive deep, we need to tell you more about it.

KProxy Review – Is it really worth using?

Just like we mentioned before, Kproxy is not a VPN service. Kproxy is a totally anonymous web proxy service and really isn’t that great in unblocking just for the reason that admins can easily block their sites which even the Kproxy site can’t bypass.

But again, how does Kproxy unblock the sites in this case?

Let us tell you. According to the sources, the company has served a lot more than just a million users on the internet and even though a lot of people use this site in order to garden and nurture their security, it is known to be quite well off in many of the cases, right?

The company has been in service for more than 13 years and is known to be quite well off still at this very point of time. Users can easily bypass any kind of security if they are using Kproxy. Not only that, but Kproxy even allows the access to such websites which are not at all available in your region.

But is that all this website offers? No! You can use the geolocation feature the other way around too. If you are travelling abroad and want the access to your country’s website like you do at your home, then you are going to need KProxy.

You can start surfing like a local user of the website without any kind of issues. If you have websites like Kproxy, bypassing websites which are of govt and incline to the censorship policies, is quite easy.

We don’t know for sure, but it also claims that it helps you in evading hackers.

KProx even allows the users a proper security so that they take advantage of the company’s web extensions so that the users don’t have to worry about getting hacked at all. It also works with any kind of public WiFi too.

Along with all this, you as a user can even prevent any kind of hackers from stealing your personal info like your credit card details or other passwords.

Of course, again, you are going to surf the web anonymously. Also, if you are using a decent proxy service, you are also going to hide your IP address and other personal information in the online world.

Have you also faced any kind of issues where your email was given out and you are receiving any kind of spam emails from different companies? Well, if you are surfing the internet through Kproxy, you can also save your personal info and save yourself from any kind of ISP’s swooping in and collecting user data to give it away to different companies.

You can even use the Kproxy web browser if you don’t use Chrome or Firefox, just in case you want to save your privacy on the internet.

The KProxy web browser is one such browser, which is a portable Firefox Web browser with is the properly configured official KProxy extension. This means that the users don’t have to install any kind of downloadable file in order to use it. The best thing of the Kproxy browser extension is that it provides you the access to almost all of the standard websites.

Of course, it never works with high end sites like Netflix or Amazon Prime, but still is quite used in most of the sites in general.

There are a lot of web based proxies which are quite notorious for causing trouble to the user. Kproxy allows you to take all that trouble away with a proper Kproxy extension. The other thing which makes Kproxy even better is that it makes the connection of the user encrypted between the user’s target server and the web browser. This prevents any kind of stealing of the user’s data.

Also, it even has the ability to work for people who are working in different offices as well as universities or schools. This extension is designed to work through the different networks. In nutshell, the connection becomes a protected one and quite better one. Also, internet treats such users as normal traffic, so don’t worry for such kind of issues.

How to use KProxy

  • Kproxy works easily and has very easy method or working. If anybody wants to use Kproxy, all he needs to do is to open up the web browser and enter the URL:
  • Just type this URL if you aren’t able to copy paste the URL above.
  • Now once you have done that, you are going to find a text box right in the middle of the site.
  • Just type the web address of any site which you desire to unblock.
  • Now, Kproxy would be taking you to the desired website which you are looking for.

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