Extratorrent Proxy – Top 50 ExtraTorrent proxy list (100% Working Sites)

ExtraTorrents has been one of the most popular torrent website for a really long time and people have been using it to gain access to a plethora of torrents available on the internet for a really long time.

The best thing about ET was the availability of the torrents everywhere, which means that you would have an access to any of the latest as well as the old movies, games, music, apps or anything you want.

It is a great site which has a lot of features and definitely less amount of leech on all the torrents, which makes it one of the best torrent sites on the internet.

Now the main thing about ET is the availability of the new torrents every hour.

Most of the torrent websites feature old torrents, which means that you won’t have access to the latest torrents which are featured on the internet.

However, on ET, you are going to find all the latest torrents which are released every now and then.

Recently, Resident Evil 2 was released which was first available on ET, making it one of the most updated sites on the internet.

However, ET is such a website which actually was shut down a long time ago by its owner and because of this, a lot of other sites got a platform to take its place.

Sites like 1337X proxy made sure to build its space among the community.

But, ET was still one of the best and the fans have made sure to keep its legacy alive by building the mirrors and unblocked ET sites, making it alive again and making it easy for people to gain access to the new torrents.

Recently, if you might have Googled for ‘ExtraTorrents’, you might have found a site which is quite similar to the original one and if you are excited about its revival, sorry to break it down to you, but it is not official.

So far a lot of mirrors and other clone sites have come up other than ET yet none of them are original.

A lot of copy sites are there which might tempt you to try them out, but none of them are fake and you just can’t rely on them.

The reason for this is that the officially redirected new domain of ExtraTorrent is not really easy to find.

If you are looking for the official domain now, it is extratorrent.ag and even it is currently working, it definitely faces downtimes and other issues which are common for a website like this.

In this post, we would be covering some of the best and most working extratorrents proxy sites which you can refer to and access the new ET site for free.

Most of these domains are working and if they aren’t, you can try the alternative domains. Let us mention them.

What are ExtraTorrents Proxy or Mirror sites?

Just in case you are living under a rock (never hope so) and don’t know anything about ET proxy and proxy sites in general, let us firstly mention them to you.

Talking about the proxy sites, they work like a middleman between you and the sites which you are looking forward to visit and these sites work as dedicated servers which give the users unhindered access to all the blocked websites on the internet, which works for ET as well.

When it comes to ET proxy list, yes, there are a lot of options available as well which features the same content as that of the official site, which means you get games, music and movies as well.

Talking about the proxy sites, they have their drawbacks as well and when it comes to ET proxy sites, you are going to find the malware riddled files which actually contain a lot of ads, and when it comes to ads, actually indecent ads (so don’t use them before your parents).

However, as a fix, we would recommend using a VPN which is always better than choosing any kind of proxy or mirror site.

Unblocked Extratorrents Mirror sites 2019

Now let us move to the part which you might be waiting for and landed on this page for – the Extratorrents proxy 2019. Most of these sites mentioned below are working well, and if not, just go for the alternative sites and you would find them working.

ExtraTorrents Proxy/Mirror Sites

  • https://extratorrents.ch
  • https://extratorrent.cool/
  • https://extratorrents.unblockall.org/
  • https://bit.ly/2RkgL8I
  • https://bit.ly/2BJLSoJ
  • https://bit.ly/2PabSNq
  • https://bit.ly/2QqhbNv
  • https://bit.ly/2ABt2hN
  • https://bit.ly/2SocGAt
  • https://bit.ly/2P5qY6Z
  • https://bit.ly/2U1J0dO
  • https://bit.ly/2BIIs5z
  • https://extratorrent.prox4you.pw/
  • https://extratorrents-cc.com/
  • https://extratorrent.mrunlock.icu/
  • https://extra.pro2web.xyz/
  • https://extratorrent.nocensor.pro/
  • https://extra.pro2web.icu/
  • https://extra.pro2web.space/
  • https://extra.pro2web.club/
  • https://extra.pro2web.fun/
  • Sitenable.pw
  • Freeanimesonline.com
  • Sitenable.co
  • Sitenable.info
  • Freeproxy.io
  • Siteget.net
  • Sitenable.ch
  • Filesdownloader.com
  • Sitenable.top
  • Sitenable.pw
  • Freeproxy.io
  • sitenable.asia
  • filterbypass.me
  • kproxy.com
  • extratorrents-cc.com
  • www.vpnbook.com
  • zalmos.com
  • proxify.com
  • Yandex
  • extratorrent-cd.prox.space
  • extratorrent.mrunlock.info
  • extratorrent.mrunlock.win
  • extratorrent.mrunlock.date
  • extratorrent.mrunlock.bid
  • extratorrent.mrunlock.trade
  • extra.zxcv.win
  • extratorrent-cd.uio.faith
  • Freeanimesonline.com
  • Sitenable.info
  • Siteget.net
  • Filesdownloader.com

Can I access ET without a VPN?

You can surely access ET without a VPN and there are a lot of options for you to do this.

As our list mentioned above has featured the best ET proxies 2019, you can still go for some of the other methods.

Whenever you are opening a particular mirror site link, you would get the homepage of ET through a process which is called cloning.

Let us tell you that these proxy sites need a regular link update mechanism which is needed to remain active as well as working. You will also see a message which reads ‘Extratorrents unblocked’ if the ET mirror is active. And in case the link isn’t working, you might need to move to the next link which is working.

You need to note that using VPN servers can also be tricky when you are on your phone with a slow internet speed especially in countries in Asia.

Why Can’t I Access ExtraTorrent?

There are a lot of users who are trying to access ET and the reason why it isn’t working varies from user to user. However, the primary reason for most of people not able to access ET is because something is wrong with their ISPs.

If your region doesn’t allow access to sites like ET, then there probably is no way of accessing ET than using a VPN or heading over to a proxy site and using it. Yet another reason for not being able to use ET is because of the firewall.

However, ET might be temporarily down for sometime which is the most common issue after geo blocks. And if you can’t access ET, there is a different way of accessing ET.

Try to clear your browser cache and try to access it through either a VPN or ET proxies which we have mentioned above.

Extratorrents Dubbed Movies

The best thing about torrent is that you can also find the movies dubbed in different languages like Hindi, Russian, Arabic, English as well as Spanish and this means that people across the globe are using torrents.

There are people who prefer watching movies in their native language which they can also find on ET.

You would find a lot of English as well as Hindi dubbed movies just because of the high demand of these languages which are famous among the audience.

Here in this list, we have the top dubbed hollywood movies along with top bollywood movies available on ExtraTorrents.

  • Thor Ragnarock
  • Veer Di Wedding
  • Avengers: Infinity War
  • Black Panther
  • Sanju
  • Race 3
  • Satyameva Jayate
  • Taqdeer
  • Surya the Brave Soldier
  • Yamla Pagla Deewana Phir Se

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