5 Funniest Movies on Netflix In 2017 [June]

Netflix is undoubtedly one of the best places to watch movies and that too without any limits. You might just have to opt for a subscription and that’s it, as you can watch unlimited number of movies without any stoppage. Now the thing that you need to know is that Netflix is the home to many such movies which you want to watch or love to watch. So, if you are just about to watch some movies, why not to watch funniest movies on Netflix?

Almost everybody loves to free movie downloads no registration, because you know, who doesn’t want to spend some awesome time with his family and enjoy a bunch of funny movies and have some hearty laughs? For a long time, if you are looking for the best funny movies to watch on Netflix, we have helped you in this case as we are going to present you with a list of funniest movies of all time on netflix.

Funniest Movies to watch on Netflix

  • Dumb and Dumber

Probable one of the best comedy movies of this generation which you will see on free netflix account is this movie called the Dumb and Dumber. Ironically, two funny stupid characters in this movie along with a hot lady who are going crazy and enjoy an awesome chemistry together.

The reason this funny movie got so much popularity is due to the fact that it has an awesome comic timing and along with that, some amazing punches which you will have a lovely laugh on. Moreover, if you are finding the funniest movies in Hollywood on netflix , this one is going to be your preferred movie. The reason that I have put this movie one in the first place in out best netflix funniest movie list because it has another part too, which is even is even funnier than the previous version.

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The stupidity, sarcasm, punches, hotness and everything in this movie, you will love to watch absolutely. So, if you are planning for an amazing weekend at home with your friends or your girl and watch to enjoy a perfect movie with amazing humor and awesome scenes, then there is no reason to hold back to this movie back in our best comedy movies on netflix 2017. Definitely you should watch this funny movie on Netflix anytime anywhere.

Dumb and Dumber movie on netflix

  • Mr Bean Holiday

Yet Another Mr.Bean Funniest Movie on Netflix.You and we, both know that Mr Bean is one of the funniest characters of TV history as he has produced some of the funniest movies in the history of Hollywood. Mr Bean is one such character who talks less but his actions are even more funnier than his words.

Recently produced film, the Mr Bean Holiday may seem one of the most messiest movies for you because apparently Mr Bean messes up with everything he does, but as soon as the movie proceeds and he meets some funny characters ahead, you will see that things were meant to be messed up. Spoilers included, Mr Bean wins an event where he is gifted with a ticket to Cannes, a place where you will feel the mild sun and warm beaches.

The things start messing up right from the moment when he boards a wrong train, yet at the end, everything goes as plan and he reaches his destination with some great time spend with his pals. You will enjoy this movie totally as it is a family movie which you can watch without your kids, parents and even friends. So, go ahead, tune into Netflix and watch Mr Bean Holiday comedy movie on netflix right now.

Mr Bean Holiday

  • The Girl Next Door

The Girl Next Door is Adult Comedy movie available on netflix.One of the amazing love stories which you will watch on Netflix is this movie, The Girl Next Door, which has an awesome cast of lovely people and young characters which are more funny than you think.

The more you are into this movie, you will realize that it grows more funny with each minute. It is one funny and lovely story where the actor tries hard to hit on his girl, yet always fails as they don’t get any chance to come closer. Yet at the end of the movie, things like always start growing pretty good and he finally gets the girl.

No matter what, you will love this movie, with some adult joke and a crisp comic timing along with some funny shots which you will really enjoy watching. Right from going to parties, having a drink, awesome music to beautiful girls, you will find everything included in here and for the reason of your concern and safety at home, we really won’t advice you to watch this one with your family, umm.. No! But indeed The girl door deserve the place in our top funny movies of netflix 2017 list.

The Girl Next Door

  • American Reunion

Another Great movie to our cool movies on netflix 2017 list.If you are a lover of adult comedy, then we are pretty sure that you may have seen the previous part of American Pie and this one here was the last version of the series. The best part about this movie is that it is one of the finest comedy movie available on netflix which you will see in the list.

A group of four lustful friends trying to get together for a reunion from a college and in the end, everything goes well, despite in the beginning you may feel that everything is messing up.

Most of you might have already seen this movie as it has been one of the funniest and lovely movie on netflix in the American history, but if not, what are you waiting for? The stupidity, sarcasm, punches, hotness and everything in this funny movie, you will love to watch absolutely. Just go ahead and tune into this awesome movie on Netflix which is available to watch for free and without any issues or spending even a single penny. However just like the previous movie here, this one shouldn’t be seen with your kids and parents, yeah seriously.

American Reunion

  • Midnight in Paris

Midnight In Paris as it sound The Romantic comedy movie on netflix 2017.Almost definitely Woody Allen’s best film of the twenty first century, known as the Midnight in Paris could be a pleasant, luxurious romp concerning yearning, relationships, and discontentment which is an amazing movie to watch and can be enjoyed every time you begin with this movie. Owen Wilson is pitch excellent casting as a sure-fire however unrealised Hollywood film writer on vacation together with his fiancé (played by wife McAdams) in Paris together with her conservative folks.

One night whereas walking alone, Wilson’s character gets into a automobile that transports him to the Nineteen Twenties, wherever he comes into contact with figures like Cole Porter, Zelda and F. Scott Fitzgerald, and Ernest Hemingway.

Wilson’s character strikes up a relationship with a muse from the time, contend by Marion Cotillard, and begins going back and forth between the current and therefore the past wherever he learns that his yearning for “a higher time” isn’t solely shopworn, however conjointly wrong. The film is humorous, full of sarcasm, sweet, and fully beautiful due to some marvelous picture taking by Darius Khondji.

Midnight in Paris

But before we actually begin, let us share a few important points with you:

  • If you are looking for the best comedy movies, go for Netflix rather than any other site.
  • If you want some cool stuff to watch, it is always advisable to opt for a subscription plan in Netflix rather than trying backdoor entries.
  • Netflix is the best place to watch movies, even better than most of the streaming sites which you know about.
  • Need a ban? Violate the Netflix guidelines (Just in case)


So, this was our list of best funny movies on netflix. If you know about some more awesome movies to watch, why not to write them down and mention them in the comment section so that the readers get to know more about such funny movies on netflix service. Moreover, if you are planning to watch movies, make sure it is Netflix from which you watch movies because the reason to this is that Netflix is guaranteed safe and secure, and doesn’t loot your money too.

There is just a subscription and a login required to access Netflix from anywhere or any device which you like. So, make sure you stick to it only.If you liked our best funniest movies on netflix list,please share it without you friends and family.You can also leave your feedback in commend section about the comedy movies on netflix 2017.

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